Award winning technology

TactiScan® utilizes NIR (Near Infra-Red) spectroscopy in narcotics detection. NIR spectroscopy is widely used in laboratories, and TactiScan’s developer Spectral Engines® has been able to miniaturize this technology and make it affordable to wider audiences. A major benefit of NIR spectroscopy is that it doesn’t need any sample preparation.

NIR spectroscopy uses normal light to illuminate the sample and then measures the infrared spectrum that is reflected from the sample. The light is not harmful for the human eye and does not alter the sample in any way.

TactiScan runs on a secure, intelligent cloud with an ever-expanding narcotics library. In the cloud, an artificial intelligent algorithm compares it to a reference library of measurements and seeks correlation. Results are showed in the mobile phone app and this only takes a few seconds.

Traditional chemometrics models need every narcotic cutting agent combination taught to the system before it is able to make the detection. Spectral Engines uses advanced deep learning algorithms together with commonly used chemometrics models. This ensures that narcotics will be detected with all cutting agents.


No officer exposure, no sample
destruction, no mistakes

Rapid results with an

easy-to-operate user interface

High measurement accuracy

from a low drug concentration